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Viva Racing is headed up by Mitch Lowe.


Mitch has a passion for the horse racing industry with over 15 years experience in the industry.


He was the marketing director for bloodstock company Gavelhouse for a number of years when Australian owned and operated. More recently he has worked with syndication company First Light Racing as Queensland representative.


In addition to the horse racing Industry, Mitch has a strong background in Government with current and previous roles in the areas of marketing, sport, events and business management.


I pretty much had no choice but to enter the horse racing industry. Holidays at a young age were spent between grandparents properties where I developed a passion for both the animal and the industry. In Northern NSW I rode stock horses on our family's 8000 ache property to get a little extra cash in the back pocket. The long days were taxing, however it was during this time in my early teens that I developed a real love for the animal.


Alternate holidays were spent near Tamworth with my Grandfather who was a passionate punter. Most Wednesday and Saturday mornings were spent kicking a football around the local oval, whilst the afternoons were spent at the racetrack trying to back a winner!!


At 18 I purchased my first share in a racehorse and after start 3 I still remember the joy of kicking home a winner in Lismore on a Tuesday afternoon with a grand total of 34 people on track. My first winner was very much that - with the horse being retired after only one win to it's name from five starts. Despite not reaching great heights, I was bitten by the bug as they say and from then on I knew the industry wouldn't leave me.


Soon after I started to syndicate my own horses with family and friends. My family decided to buy a share in a racehorse for my grandfather at the ripe age of 85. In it's first start the horse saluted much to the joy of my grandfather who enjoyed the thrill of winning a race for the first time as an owner.


As the winners continued to roll in... the ownership grew and the operation has expanded since.

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